General Information about the Notice Period

Employers and employees are linked to certain rules and regulations. The rules apply right from the time of hire to the time of dismissal. It is ethical for both employers and employees to be familiar with statutory laws regarding working terms. When it comes to termination, employees need to be aware of notice periods. There is a stipulated notice period that should be issued to the ontslag krijgen bediende. Employers, on the other hand, have to know what is expected of them during the period.

General information

What is a notice period?

kjjmmmmmAfter working with an employer for a specified period, you will be entitled to a notice period before dismissal. During that time, you will be eligible for a few things in your working days just like other employees. The period is between notice of termination to the last day of employment. The period is meant to prepare an employee to leave. The lengths of the period depend on some factors. One major factor is the length of time you have been employed there.

Notice periods

Before your employment ends, you are entitled to a notice period. The time of the period ranges from one week to 12 weeks. If you have been employed for less than two years, you are entitled to a one week notice period. If you have worked for between 2 and 12 years, your notice period should be one week for each year. If you have worked for more than 12 years, then you are entitled to a 12 week notice period.

Payment in the notice period

As an employee, you are eligible for pay even when in the notice period. The employer might choose to pay you through the period or pay in lieu of notice. Your contract will determine how the payment will be made. Your job could end without notice if payment instead of notice were not included in the contract. The employer will choose to pay you and not give you a notice period. You will get all the basic compensation and extras like pensions and private health care insurance if it’s in your contract.


jmnmnbvbvThe notice period is meant to prepare your for termination of work. Most people are usually not prepared for termination especially if it’s due to job redundancy. Employers might sometimes take advantage of workers who are not well versed with notice terms. If you have a contract, you will be well versed with what to expect when your contract comes to an end. Payment is one area that concerns both employers and workers. Knowing your payment terms even when in notice period is vital for any employee. Nonetheless, every employee ought to know his or her rights and privileges regarding working and termination of work.