Possible symptoms and treatments of LPR

It has been said before, but I don’t mind saying it again, ‘your health is your greatest asset.’ It is not something to be joked around with because it rides on the viability of our vital organs. Once they have been damaged in any way and by other means, there is no telling what to expect next. Even when at some point and some reason, we undergo a transplant, it is no guarantee that the ones given to us will be just as good. Diseases are on the prowl, and we are in charge of deciding whether or not we will let them get to us. One of them is LPR which stands for Laryngopharyngeal reflux and occurs when acid from the stomach gets to the throat. As a result, the victim faces a huge deal of discomfort and should seek medical attention immediately.

Symptoms of LPR

2It is dangerous to engage in activities that are silently harming you but are completely unaware of them. Some of them include the kinds of foods we eat or generally our lifestyles. They result in some symptoms that we should be aware of in order for us to decide on the next cause of action. Here are the symptoms;

  • The voice becomes sort of hoarse. This symptom can be marked by many other conditions, but this case is different. You will notice that the hoarseness is prolonged so that it becomes impossible to raise the voice or simply talk.
  • Persistent coughs at any time of the day and are often prolonged. It even becomes difficult to take some water to pacify it. At this rate, it is not advisable to take any medicines without a doctor’s description as things might get worse.
  • Meal times are often turbulent times because it gets so hard to swallow food even after thorough chewing. That’s not all, even spitting it becomes a problem.
  • The presence of a stationary lump that doesn’t go away even with constant swallowing. In worst cases, the victim can even be found to be choking on their own saliva.

Treatment of LPR

3The good news is that LPR is treatable thanks to modern medicine and equipment. Doctors advise that the sooner it is detected, the easier it will be to have it treated. This calls for frequent checkups to avoid rude shocks and surprises.
Once you find out that you have LPR, it is wise to stay away from foods that will produce nothing but gas in your stomach. As long as the stomach remains gas free, the easier it will be to combat the symptoms, and eventually, you get better.
Drink plenty of water which should be at room temperature. Avoid drinking water that is straight from the refrigerator at all costs. This will only contribute to the hoarseness and persistent coughs. Drinking water at room temperature helps in relieving coughs and irritations at the throat.
Take your time to eat your food. This will prevent any other future occurrences of gas in the stomach. As soon as you give yourself ample time to digest your food, production of acids will be either minimal or gone for good.